Diamond Dallas Page: From Manager to Heavyweight Champion


Diamond Dallas Page

The road to wrestling glory often starts early, with future stars honing their craft on mats as youths before joining the big leagues as teenagers. But Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page took a route far less traveled – he didn’t enter a wrestling ring until age 35, embarking on one of the unlikeliest career arcs the sport has seen.

Page first got a behind-the-scenes look at professional wrestling in the late 1980s, serving as manager for the American Wrestling Association. There he watched tapes and soaked up the secrets of some of the all-time greats behind the curtain. Enamored by the athletic showmanship and charisma of peers like “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Page decided he could do this too.

After owning and operating nightclubs throughout Florida, Page began training as a wrestler in his mid 30s, unheard of for a rookie. He started from the very bottom on smaller circuits to hone his distinctive grinding, brawling style. His gritty determination and non-stop motor during matches eventually caught the eye of WCW, who signed Page at age 35 – ancient for an incoming talent.

Defying all odds and expectations for an “old rookie”, Page cemented himself as one of the hottest rising stars of the 90s wrestling boom. His athleticism combined with his genuine, energetic connection to fans propelled Page to three WCW Heavyweight Championship reigns. Along the way, he pioneered the iconic Diamond Cutter finishing maneuver that would inspire similar moves for years to come.

Today, Diamond Dallas Page remains wrestling’s prime outlier – the late bloomer who through relentless work ethic matured into a marquee main event headliner. His underdog path blazed a trail for athletes beginning their training at advanced ages. And Page continues motivating others to defy limits through his DDPY workout program that embodies his ethos – it’s never too late to reinvent yourself.


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