Christian and Edge: WWE’s Ultimate Underdog Tag Team


Christian and Edge

Few bonds in wrestling run as deep as that between Christian and Edge. The two lifelong best friends took parallel paths from indie obscurity in Canada to decorated tag team champions, riding both grit and connection to tag team supremacy.

Christian and Edge first teamed up on the independent circuit as teenagers, cutting their teeth in high school gyms in front of a few dozen fans. Their scrappy in-ring style exemplified the underdog fighting spirit needed to thrive in small promotions. While lacking intimidating size or strength, the young duo compensated with nonstop aggression and aerial daring.

When both wrestlers signed with WWE, company decision makers split up the friends to test if they could succeed individually. But Christian and Edge proved even better together – their natural chemistry and years of teamwork resulted in seamless double team combinations. The duo captured fans’ imaginations with their willingness to sacrifice their bodies without hesitation. It was that underdog mentality that eventually earned them championship gold.

At WrestleMania 2000, Edge and Christian realized their ultimate dream – defeating three of WWE’s top teams in a Triangle Ladder Match to claim the legendary Tag Team Titles. Their exciting blends of high-risk maneuvers and tandem offense made them fan favorites during WWE’s heralded Attitude Era. Though they would later feud bitterly as singles stars, Christian and Edge’s early success established them as one of wrestling’s great tag teams.

Years later after injuries cut their stellar careers short, the blood brothers turned tag team specialists were rightfully inducted together into WWE’s Hall of Fame. Their scrappy early days pounding the pavement has become legend, reminding all that hard work, perseverance and an unbreakable bond can overcome any odds.


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