About Norm McDonald and Jay Thompson.

Hey, I’m Norm. Like the late Canadian comedian, who I also looked up too.

Like many kids, I spent ages reading about sports stats, debating trivia with friends, and collecting those iconic trading cards.

My buddy Jay and I were especially obsessed. As adults with careers and families, we wanted to reconnect with that childlike wonder.

In 2022, we launched Instant Replay Sport Card. Part nostalgia project, part business venture, it lets us share our decades-old sports card collections with fellow fans.

You should see Jay’s baby pictures – teeny basketball jerseys and a toothy grin as he clutches his prized signed photo of Michael Jordan. And I’ve still got the hockey stick Guy Lafleur autographed for starry-eyed little me.

Now we’re passing on these memories. We scour estate sales for forgotten memorabilia to make another collector’s day. We live for the emails from fans wanting to revisit their first baseball game or hockey hero.

Jay handles the photography and web work so I can share the stories behind each card. That scuff on the ’84 Gretzky rookie card? Dropped it rollerblading through the house as a preteen and got grounded for a week!

So take a look through our collection’s highlights below. And let us know if you’re searching for a piece of your own childhood we can help uncover! We’d love to learn what players and teams bring that spark of nostalgia.